Who we are …

The project is a collaboration of five organizations, all institutions for somatic movement education based on the BMC approach. Besides organizing professional trainings the partners offer ongoing educational activities involving local communities and organizations, working with patients individually and in groups. All of the partners belong to an international network and have collaborated already for many years.

Partners: Babyfit (Bratislava, Slovaquie), SOMA (Paris, France), Leben Nuova (Tuscania VT, Italy), Art Man (Budapest, Hungary), Embody-Move (Manchester, UK). Teachers: Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen (US), Gloria Desideri (I), Katy Dymoke (UK), Thomas Greil (F), Ferenç Kalman (HU), Anka Sedlackova (SL). Project Coordination: Babyfit – Anka Sedlackova, Angelika Kovacova (SL).

What we do …

Each partner has a strong link to the local community of care. The project is organized around Local Activities and Mobility Events. Local Activities are organized by one partner and are address mainly to the local communities of care: educators, therapists, parents, care givers and people with special needs. There are ongoing activities like weekly groups, supervision and workshops. Mobility Events involve the other European partners. They include local communities, but also people from afar. There are supervisions, conferences and workshops. Some are open to a wider audience; some are for a more closed circle, learners invited by each partner to travel to the event (that’s why mobility event).

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