SPARKS per bisogni speciali

Pratiche somatiche, arte e creatività per bisogni speciali

Progetto di ricerca e scambio interculturale per lo sviluppo dell’autoapprendimento nella cura delle persone con bisogni speciali



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Progetto finanziato dalla Unione Europea – Azione Grundtvig Learning Partnership

2 thoughts on “SPARKS per bisogni speciali

  1. Hallo I am very interested to follow research project about Mouvement, Dance, and Dance Theraphy for mixabilities group. Our focus of reasearch is about that. We are the only professional italian dance Company that include and integrate disable dancers also with severe mental disabilities. We run form 2004-2006 the European Project for art, creativity and dance for disable persons with Spain, Romania, Sweden. We represented Italian the project name it was DISS-ART.
    We produce a Manual of Good Practise if you are interested to share documentation and Good Practise. DISS-ART it was the first one in Europe payed by Europe. Thank you very much for your attention. Merry Christmas and happy new year. Paola Banone

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