1. To construct an international European platform of research, experience and exchange between different cultures of caring and educational methods

2. To model specific educational resources, context-oriented and cross-cultural, based on BMC

3. To learn from local care communities and therapeutic institutions about their operational and structural strategies, and to transfer these experiences in one’s own environment, to enrich and inform the modalities of care for individuals with special needs

4. To implement formal and informal knowledge resources on care and special needs

5. To enhance and support field-based and experiential expertise of the participants involved within communities of shared care, providing instruments for the recognition and empowerment of their knowledge

6. To promote dialogue and mediation between health professionals and actors of the social field

7. To create strategies in order to expand existing formal trainings integrating them with somatic education and care

8. To build the foundations for further implication of somatic education within public health system and self-organized communities of care, by setting a transitional space of specific resources, at the crossroads between education, therapy, art and social engagement

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